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Letting the Right One In, letting something get away

Let the Right One In Royal Court Theatre, until December 21 Performance date: Saturday 7 December matinee Let the Right One In, John Ajvide Lindqvist’s instant classic 2004 novel has already spawned Swedish and American horror film versions, and now the National Theatre of Scotland has taken a stab at translating this gory yet tender […]

On a Bloodbuzz: the National at Alexandra Palace

Set high on a hill in North London, the grounds surrounding Alexandra Palace offer stunning views of London.  On a still, clear night, I make my way up to “the People’s Palace” to see the National and I survey the cold lights of the city stretched out before me. From this perspective, the city in […]

A Whip Around the Venice Biennale 2013: Part 2

After a reviving lunch, I set out to explore the island filled with established country pavillions, just across from Arsenale. The buildings forming the country pavilions on Giardini range from the cool to the obscure.  The cool includes  Finland’s awesome 1954 wooden pavilion designed by Alvar Aalto was further enhanced by the interesting installation, Forest Square, […]

A Whip Around the Venice Biennale 2013: Part 1

During three days of soaking up the misty romantic decaying grandeur of Venice, I had come across fragments of the Biennale scattered across the city.  It was exciting to come across these incursions in amongst the palazzos. “The Very Light Art” exhibition, for example, in the grand marble palace of Ca’Rezzonico, juxtaposed fantastical candelabras with the […]

Hidden in the Sand is a little gem

Trafalgar Studios, Studio 2 Performance date: 2 October 2013 Until 26 October 2013 Promotional material for Hidden in the Sand describe it as “a beautiful and passionate love story set between London and Cyprus”. In truth, the love story takes second place in this moving piece dealing with loss of homeland, betrayal, family rivalry and managing […]

City Love

City Love CLF Arts Cafe, Peckham Performance date: 28 September 2013 (matinee) The CLF Arts Cafe in the Bussey Building in Peckham is the perfect venue for the premiere of City Love, a touching look at a quarter-life crisis romance. Walking through Peckham’s lively market streets and then entering the performance space through a courtyard […]

Who’s that Edward?

Edward II The National Theatre, Olivier Theatre, until 26 October Performance Date: 2 September 2013 I get my English King Edwards a little mixed up – there were a lot of them, so long ago, Shakespeare hasn’t immortalised any of them in a popular play kids are forced to study, and my recent viewing of […]