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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Location: Venice, Italy.  October 2013.   Ai Weiwei’s “Bang”, an explosion of 886 antique wooden stools from floor to ceiling, featured as part of the German switcheroo with the French Pavillion at the Venice Biennale 2013.  The topic of “room” made me think of Ai Weiwei, as the Chinese artist manages to maintain a clear voice […]

A Whip Around the Venice Biennale 2013: Part 2

After a reviving lunch, I set out to explore the island filled with established country pavillions, just across from Arsenale. The buildings forming the country pavilions on Giardini range from the cool to the obscure.  The cool includes  Finland’s awesome 1954 wooden pavilion designed by Alvar Aalto was further enhanced by the interesting installation, Forest Square, […]

A Whip Around the Venice Biennale 2013: Part 1

During three days of soaking up the misty romantic decaying grandeur of Venice, I had come across fragments of the Biennale scattered across the city.  It was exciting to come across these incursions in amongst the palazzos. “The Very Light Art” exhibition, for example, in the grand marble palace of Ca’Rezzonico, juxtaposed fantastical candelabras with the […]

What Modern Sculpture Can Reveal

Ron Mueck  Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris Attended 30 June 2013 After seeing stunning classical sculptures in Rome recently, some friends and I discussed modern sculpture and what would be remembered from our time. Are there works which will have the capacity to move people as effectively as the sight of Plutos’ hand sinking […]

David Bowie Is… Unavoidable

David Bowie Is The Victoria & Albert Museum, until 11 August 2013 Attended 10 June 2013 Coming late to a pop culture idol can give you a warped impression of the idol’s career and influence. As a child of the 80s, my earliest memory of David Bowie was his performance as the Goblin King in […]

Ice Age Art: the Arrival of the Modern Mind

British Museum Attended Wednesday 29 May 2013 There they are – carved from auroch horn, mammoth tusk, baked in clay or chipped away from stone – the earliest vestiges of European artistic endeavour. They are horses, reindeer, bison, women, men, mask: carved, engraved and moulded, realistic and fantastic. They are awesome. The predominantly grey-headed crowd […]