Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie



Location: Rome, Italy.  May 2013.

My travelling companion


I was lucky enough to experience the wonderful city of Rome for the first time with two fabulous friends.  Before they arrived, I had a day tootling around the Eternal City on my own. Or almost on my own. I had my camera, and so I never felt lonely.

When I travel alone, my camera fills a space as my companion.  Part of my brain is always engaged, thinking about how to photograph a scene or a moment, either to capture it for my memory or to tell a story for a particular friend or family member.   Every now and then I will attempt a selfie – usually completely missing the major monument and getting only half of my face, eyes all googly, with a bystander featuring prominently.  These don’t make it to the Facebook highlights package.

In this picture, I like that you get a little sense of being in Rome, from the warm colours and paving.  You can also see some of the effort I expend handling my camera.  It has many mysteries left to reveal to me.  Sounds like a good excuse to book some more holidays and get better acquainted!

…Just for good measure, here is one more that I took at Frieze London…seems like I am stepping into a timewarp…

Frieze Love Selfie

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