Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Location: Orchha, India, November 2013

Orchha Window

Travelling in India presents an assault for the senses and the conscience.  It has such great beauty and such ugliness, amazing kindness and generosity, rapacious greed and unscrupulousness.  As a foreigner it is hard to navigate the layers and nuances of the daily struggle. At the moment, I am reading Katherine Boo’s excellent book, “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” which is giving me an insight into slum life in Mumbai that I never appreciated when I was there.

This picture was taken through a window of the palace in Orchha, a small town in central India.  Through a section of the intricately carved Mughal window, three chhatris, or temples, can be seen in the distance, sitting on the banks of a river.

For me, this picture captures my experience of India: partial, obscure, interesting, beautiful, and always retaining a sense of mystery.

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  2. francesco yarfarva · · Reply

    nice shooting there Tex. looks so good full screen. really captures the essence of what you say.x

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