28 Dates Later… love not zombies at the BBC

28 Dates Later

BBC Radio Studios

Attended: 3 July 2013

I was already on a high seeing a real-life Dalek* – funnily enough on the same day that Prince Charles had met one and exhorted it to “exterminate”.   Then I saw a Tardis. Then I looked out over the BBC News Room from the cafe above, camera whirring past me. Wow. I was practically in an episode of The Hour. Could things get any better? Maybe, if only I’d worn a 50s wiggle dress.


Then we were ushered into the plush Deco BBC Radio Studio for the live recording of a new radio sitcom called 28 Dates Later. The writer and star of the show, Miss London, was clearly buzzed to have her work given the Beeb’s stamp of approval. She had written the show while watching Hollyoaks, she said, so there may be some influences – although I didn’t detect them. The crowd was happy and rowdy, and in for a treat.

The sitcom deals with the romantic entanglements of Shona, played by Miss London aka Dionne Hughes. It’s not about zombies. In this episode she was trying to dump her boyfriend of nine months. The dumping is complicated by the fact that her boyfriend has recently been promoted to be her manager at a cinema multiplex. Shona is given advice on exit strategy by her trusty best friend, Kristin, drawing on all the tips that rom-com movies give us… to hilarious effect.

The writing was fresh and funny, putting a modern spin on the ever-fertile theme of dating dilemmas. Performances were excellent – especially from Miss London herself putting in a star comedic turn, the actress who plays Kristin, and the actor who plays Shona’s oafish boyfriend. The cast and crew clearly had a lot of fun at the recording, as did the audience.

28 Dates Later will broadcast on Radio 4 in October 2013 and it is sure to be entertain. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Watch out for it!



*Admittedly, a Russell T Davies Dalek. Therefore, my friend implies, less impressive. Or less trustworthy.

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