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Hilarity shot with dread: the unreliable voices of Pinter

Readings of Family Voices and Victoria Station Trafalgar Studios Performance date: 27 June 2013 Two short Harold Pinter plays performed by three fantastic actors are taking over the 50s institutional set of The Hot House this week at Trafalgar Studios. The divine Joanna Lumley, New Tricks’ Alun Armstong and Andrew Scott, the BAFTA award-winning actor […]

Blind Date

Blind Date Charing Cross Theatre Performance date: 26 June 2013 The poor guy. All he had wanted was to mollify his girlfriend by going to date night at the theatre, a show clearly signposted as such being entitled Blind Date. But no. Now he was on stage. He was the entertainment! He giggled nervously and […]

Getting into AFL: Suffragettes on Stage

Suffragettes on Stage Lyttelton Theatre Performance date: 26 June 2013 “Are you actors or actresses?” Asked a (brave, male) audience member of Samantha Bond and Janie Dee, near the conclusion of the Suffragettes on Stage event. “I’m an actor”, said Miss Bond (not Ms, please). “I’m an actress”, replied Ms Dee (who may be a […]

Night + Day: Late Twenties festival going

Night + Day, Hatfield House Performance date: 22 June 2013 Attending a music festival in your (very late) twenties can be an entirely different experience from the heady teenage years of Big Days Out, featuring mini-champagne bottles with straws, losing your friends for hours on end and making new ones in the bar queue, being […]

David Bowie Is… Unavoidable

David Bowie Is The Victoria & Albert Museum, until 11 August 2013 Attended 10 June 2013 Coming late to a pop culture idol can give you a warped impression of the idol’s career and influence. As a child of the 80s, my earliest memory of David Bowie was his performance as the Goblin King in […]

London Postcards Not Sent (Public) #1

Dear Mum Thank you again for the Alpine-themed woolly socks. Sadly, I am still required to wear them, even though midsummer approaches… Love Your Dorda * * * Dear London friend I am so looking forward to our catch up the weekend after the Bank holiday weekend when you will be in Ibiza, and before I […]

Once: The Musical

Once: The MusicalPhoenix Theatre Performance date: 8 June 2013  Sometimes romantic love seems like a fairy tale, once upon a time, in a land far, far away, so remote from the mundane reality of sock sorting and grocery shopping, online dating profiles, curated selfies and carefully drafted text messages. Sometimes it teases you in a […]