Monthly Archives: May 2013

Ice Age Art: the Arrival of the Modern Mind

British Museum Attended Wednesday 29 May 2013 There they are – carved from auroch horn, mammoth tusk, baked in clay or chipped away from stone – the earliest vestiges of European artistic endeavour. They are horses, reindeer, bison, women, men, mask: carved, engraved and moulded, realistic and fantastic. They are awesome. The predominantly grey-headed crowd […]

The Winslow Boy

Old Vic Theatre Performance date: Thursday 23 May 2013 The beautiful Old Vic theatre was the venue for a several month long revival of the Winslow Boy, Terence Rattigan’s 1946 play about a father fighting ceaselessly to clear his son’s name from an accusation of theft and expulsion from the Royal Naval College. The revival […]

Propaganda: Power and Persuasion

British Library Attended: Saturday 18 May 2013 The British Library’s new exhibition on Propaganda: Power and Persuasion claims to be “the first exhibition to explore international state propaganda from the 20th and 21st centuries”. I find this claim hard to believe, given how pervasive and deconstructed propaganda is to the Twitter generation. Notwithstanding, the exhibition […]

Going Postal

The Postal Service Brixton Academy Performance date: Sunday 19 May 2013 “How many of you saw us in 2003?” lead singer Ben Gibbard asked the peppy, preppy crowd halfway through the joyous concert by the Postal Service at the O2 Brixton Academy. About six people shouted back. “That sounds about right,” he cheerfully replied, before […]

Nina Kristofferson’s The Billie Holliday Story

Charing Cross Theatre, London Performance date: Friday 17 May 2013 Lady Day is a hard act to follow, and although the UK’s Nina Kristofferson makes a valiant effort at bringing the talented, tortured soul to the stage, she doesn’t pull it off. Kristofferson, along with a 5 piece band, perform Holliday’s hits interspersed with her […]

Passion Play

Duke of York’s Theatre Performance Date: Wednesday 15 May 2013 Passion Play stars Zoë Wanamaker and Owen Teale as Eleanor and James, a couple with 25 years of marriage behind them. Eleanor appears to be in control, secure in her relationship and exuding confidence. James starts the play half-asleep on the couch, and appears to […]

Prescient Pinter Plays On, with added Pelican…

The Hot House Trafalgar Studios Performance date: Tuesday 6 May 2013 The Hothouse, written by Harold Pinter in 1958, first performed in 1980 and currently revived at the Trafalgar Studios, is an enjoyable romp. If you can handle your romps peppered with electric shock therapy, suggestions of doctor-patient rape and an overarching sense of menace. Simon […]