Monthly Archives: November 2012

Across the heart of India, and into the past

I’ve spent the past ten days in a stupour of stupas, a tempest of temples! From Varanasi I took an overnight train to Khajuraho, home to world heritage listed temples. Bleary-eyed and unable to check in at the hotel, I wandered through the Western Group of temples, which are over 1000 years old, in the […]

Postcards Not Sent (Public) #2

Dear Family Member I saw a Tibetan monk wearing Adidas shoes under his maroon robes today.  I felt like shouting, “How could you?  Don’t you know that the founders of Adidas were paid-up Nazis and those shoes may have been made by child sweatshop labour?!”  Honestly, some people should stop being so selfish and give […]

In Varanasi

After a week in stoner-heaven Rishikesh, I take a 16 hour overnight train and arrive in Varanasi in the late afternoon. Varanasi is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, and a deeply important spiritual place in the Hindu religion. It is a place to wash away your past sins, for re-birth, […]

Drowning in Film

Two film festivals in ten days. With a brief intermission for some spiritual nourishment from the Dalai Lama. What an experience in Dharamsala! First up was the Tibetan Film Festival, featuring films made by Tibetan directors, and run jointly with a screening in Zurich. Some of the most interesting films were the short films and […]

His Holiness

“You shouldn’t accept every word just because I said it.  You should examine what I have said, test it, and then decide.” So says His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at the beginning of the first day of teachings at the main Tibetan temple in Dharamsala, 29-31 October 2012.  Easier said than done.  Even as a […]