Postcards Not Sent (Public) # 1

Dear Family Member,

Today we visited the monument shown on this postcard.  I can no longer remember when it was built or why, but apparently the tower is significant. It reminds me of an illustration from Tin Tin.  The best part about the visit was drinking a cold Coke in the shade.  It came in a re-used glass bottle instead of a plastic one. Travel is so educational!

xx HJ


Dear Friend

I have bought you a souvenir made by a refugee disabled child with a stutter.  You will have no choice but to say how much you like it. Wish you were here .

xx HJ



Just to let you know I had an offer of marriage today, from a portly young man with a moustache.  I was momentarily tempted by the prospect, but after considering the paan-stained teeth and distinct body odour of my new suitor, decided I preferred my imaginary betrothed whose unfortunate workaholism keeps him from travelling with me in India.  Be true.

xx HJ


Dear Friend

I loathe all backpackers.  Also, Bob Marley and Jack Johnson should be banned.  Gosh, why are my banana pancakes taking so long?!!

xx HJ


Dear Family Member

I am in Dharamsala surrounded by white men wearing patterned culottes and with their dreadlocks weaved into turbans.  I am afraid that the Dalai Lama is being treated as a Disneyland-style tourist attraction, and that I am guilty of the same. Namaste.

xx HJ


  1. Best laugh I’ve had in ages. Thanks a besquillion xxx

  2. – I fully support the banning of Jack Johnson in all backpacker assocatiated travel desitinations.

    – Bob Marley has its time and place (and it is post wake up, before 1st coffee only).

    – You better follow through on your implication of a postcards not sent series!

    P.S. what a timeless photo of angie through the windowframe. She looks both extremely at ease and extremely and odds with her surroundings.

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